Parental Burnout - An Excerpt

Parental burnout is the result of keeping too many balls in the air for too long

Posted on Wednesday, 15th March 2023

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Is Hybrid Working Affecting Your Mental Health?

Since the pandemic many companies have implemented ‘hybrid working’; splitting your work time between in the office and at home/somewhere else

Posted on Tuesday, 4th October 2022

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Hollow Ponds

Walks in Walthamstow

I am a huge advocate of getting outside in order to improve our mental health. Walthamstow has lots of great areas to do just this

Posted on Monday, 19th September 2022

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Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

I have been thinking a lot about the public’s reaction to the Queen’s death and the fact that the feelings being conjured up can be quite complex.

Posted on Sunday, 11th September 2022

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Some people may feel energised and excited about the change in season and what lies ahead. Others may feel a sadness about the summer ending and apprehension about the future.

Posted on Wednesday, 31st August 2022

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Why Does My Therapist Ask About My Childhood? - An Excerpt

This is something people tend to wonder quite a lot. I thought this article explained it in a succinct and undestandable way.

Posted on Thursday, 1st August 2019

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Book Review: Jog On, by Bella Mackie

This book is the author's journey through anxiety. She is not a mental health expert, but she is the expert on her own experience.

Posted on Sunday, 9th June 2019

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When Mothers Need Mothering Too- An Excerpt

“There’s the image of motherhood that the media would have us believe: Instagram mum – nurturing but sexy, while furiously multi-tasking and people pleasing ­– and then there’s the reality

Posted on Sunday, 12th May 2019

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Stress Awareness Month

Are you feeling stressed? Whether it's work, relationships, health worries, money issues or something else, chances are you have felt stressed by something recently

Posted on Tuesday, 16th April 2019

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How to be a Skilful Communicator - An Excerpt

Communicating how we feel to people in our lives can be challenging at times

Posted on Monday, 18th March 2019

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How Do You Feel About Spring?

Wherever I look and whomever I speak to, everyone seems to be celebrating that it feels like Spring/Summer is here. However, Spring is not a cause for celebration for everyone

Posted on Tuesday, 26th February 2019

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Some Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day. Some people love it, others hate it, some are indifferent.

Posted on Wednesday, 13th February 2019

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How to Stop Worrying

“Worrying is like paying interest on a debt not owed” or however the saying goes

Posted on Thursday, 7th February 2019

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Book Review and Author Q&A: Help Me, by Marianne Power

Over Christmas and the New Year I read the book Help Me, by Marianne Power. Marianne decided one November day, that she would read 12 self help books in the coming year

Posted on Friday, 25th January 2019

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Does Psychotherapy Really Work? - an Excerpt

“There's an estimated 1.5 million people in therapy every year in the UK

Posted on Tuesday, 15th January 2019

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Thoughts on the New Year

The new year can elicit a real mixture of emotions.

Posted on Sunday, 6th January 2019

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Book Review: Notes on a Nervous Planet, by Matt Haig

I finally got round to reading Matt Haig’s book, ‘Notes on a Nervous Planet’

Posted on Friday, 7th December 2018

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What Being a Therapist Has Taught Me About Mental Health in 2018 - an Excerpt

Sometimes, I think it is interesting for people to hear about counselling from the counsellor’s perspective.

Posted on Thursday, 15th November 2018

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A Quick Lesson to Take From Fireworks

It was recently fireworks/bonfire/guy Fawkes night

Posted on Wednesday, 7th November 2018

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Is Your Commute Making You Unhappy?

Researchers from the University of West England found that an extra 20 minutes of commuting a day has the same negative effect on job satisfaction as a pay cut of 19%.

Posted on Wednesday, 31st October 2018

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Tips For Coping With Anxiety

Anxiety is affecting more people than ever. It is an important and widespread issue.

Posted on Thursday, 18th October 2018

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The Einstein of Love - an excerpt

I recently read an article on Psychology Today about psychologist John Gottman and his work on romantic relationships. I wanted to share some of it on here as I loved it so much.

Posted on Wednesday, 10th October 2018

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

According to the NHS, the exact cause of Seasonal Affect Disorder or SAD, isn’t known. But the theory is...

Posted on Thursday, 4th October 2018

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The Unspoken Pressures of a New Season

I have read so many pieces about a new season being upon us and all the joy that brings. With all the positivity around this new chapter in the year, it can feel like no room is given or allowed for any less positive feelings anyone may be feeling about this change in season.

Posted on Tuesday, 25th September 2018

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Tips for Mindfulness Meditation - an Excerpt

Through mindfulness meditation, we learn to accept ourselves as we are - good and bad - and from there, clear the way for our mind to become a calmer, healthier, less cluttered, more productive, less critical, and happier space

Posted on Wednesday, 19th September 2018

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Lessons To Take From Country Living

I recently visited family who live in the countryside. It got me thinking about country/rural living and the lessons we could take from it and apply to any of our lives.

Posted on Wednesday, 5th September 2018

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The One Thing We All Do That Affects Our Mental Health

There are many things we can do every day that positively or negatively impact our mental health. One of these things is something that all humans do

Posted on Tuesday, 28th August 2018

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Tips For Using Your Phone Less

It seems we are hearing more and more about screen time being detrimental to our mental health. Mobile phone use is a topic coming up more frequently with my clients in the counselling room relating to happiness.

Posted on Thursday, 9th August 2018

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What To Expect From Your First Counselling Session

If you’ve never had counselling before, the thought of the first session can be daunting and anxiety provoking. You might not know what to expect or what is expected of you.

Posted on Wednesday, 25th July 2018

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Do You Know Your Love Language?

How often have you felt that your partner isn’t doing enough or showing you enough that they care? Do you ever find yourself thinking how easy it is to please you and wondering why they can’t see that?

Posted on Wednesday, 18th July 2018

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Dispelling Myths About Extroverts and Introverts

Do you know the difference between introverts and extroverts? They are often words which are used a lot, but there can be some common misconceptions about the two. Here are some myths surrounding extroverts and introverts:

Posted on Thursday, 12th July 2018

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Book Review: Reasons to Stay Alive, by Matt Haig

Matt Haig’s book Reasons the Stay Alive, published in 2015 was a number one Sunday Times bestseller. The book very eloquently describes Matt’s experience of depression and anxiety.

Posted on Wednesday, 27th June 2018

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What Are Your Shame Shields?

I recently watched a talk about shame by research professor and author Brené Brown. I’ve decided to write about the topic here as I think it’s really interesting and relevant to everyone.

Posted on Wednesday, 13th June 2018

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Tips For Making Mornings Better

Mornings. Some people love them while others hate them. I wouldn’t really call myself a ‘morning person’ but I do think there are certain things we can do to make our mornings and consequently the rest of our day better.

Posted on Thursday, 7th June 2018

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The Benefits of Holidays

I recently returned from a holiday abroad. It lead me to think about the benefits holidays provide to us.

Posted on Thursday, 31st May 2018

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How to Improve Your Daily Work Life

Workplace stress is a widespread problem at the moment. It can be extremely detrimental to wellbeing and general health. If your workplace stress is becoming too much to cope with then it may be beneficial to talk to a professional counsellor.

In the meantime, there are some practical steps you can take which may make your day to day work life more manageable and over time could make a big difference to your wellbeing:

Posted on Wednesday, 16th May 2018

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Why I Love Being a Counsellor

Every job has its pros and cons and counselling is no exception. However, the things I love about my job far outweigh any of the difficulties. I decided to reflect and share the main reasons I love being a counsellor.

Posted on Friday, 11th May 2018

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Why Do We Find Change So Hard?

Change is inevitable in life. They say there are only two certain things- death and taxes. But I would add change to this list.

People find change hard for many different reasons. Even if the change is ‘positive’ it can be stressful. Here are some reasons why:

Posted on Friday, 4th May 2018

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The Podcasts You Have to Listen to!

Over the last year or so I have really got into listening to podcasts. In fact, I’ve become rather conscious that I now often start a sentence with, ‘I was listening to this podcast..’. I listen to at least one a day. For me they serve many purposes.

Posted on Wednesday, 18th April 2018

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Photo of Laura

Beat Imposter Syndrome

Hi, I’m Laura and sometimes I have Imposter Syndrome. I think this is something that most people have felt at some point in their work life. That terrifying thought that we are a fraud, we don’t deserve to be in this position, and any minute someone is going to find this out and expose us.

Posted on Wednesday, 11th April 2018

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A picture of a todo list

Burnout — What You Need to Know

Everywhere we go at the moment we are hearing about wellbeing and self care. However, workplace stress seems to be at an all time high. It is estimated that over half a million UK employees are suffering from workplace stress and 12.5 million sick days were taken in 2017 due to workplace stress.

Posted on Thursday, 5th April 2018

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A field of daffodils

Difficult Conversations & How to Have Them

Sometimes situations arise and we have to have a difficult conversation with someone. They might have done something to annoy or upset us and we need to address it. Or, we may be approached by someone who needs to speak to us about something.

Confrontation can so be difficult and something we often go out of our way to avoid. However, communication is nearly always the best option and the result is usually worth the uncomfortable feeling during the process.

Posted on Thursday, 29th March 2018

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A picture of the book on a bedside table

Book Review: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman

(No Spoilers!) This book was published in Spring 2017 and very quickly had a lot of talk surrounding it. Everywhere I went someone had read it and was singing its praises. So I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Posted on Wednesday, 21st March 2018

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A rainy window

Stop Putting Up With Monday Blues

It sometimes feels like we’ve accepted our fate when it comes to the Monday blues. We bond with each other over the loss of the weekend and commiserate in camaraderie over our impending Monday sentence. But what if it didn’t have to be like this? I have put together some tips and points to consider which I believe can eradicate the Monday blues...

Posted on Saturday, 17th March 2018

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A picture of coins and cash

Travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer? I disagree

Have you heard of the saying, 'Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer'? Well I’m campaigning for a change.

Posted on Wednesday, 14th March 2018

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A picture of a 'thank you' card

The Easy Guide to Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude. I feel like the word gratitude is spoken more and more lately. But what are people really talking about when they mention gratitude and how can we practice it?

Posted on Wednesday, 7th March 2018

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Going for a walk

Are you taking part in Flow Activities?

Flow. What is it? Something a river does, a name short for Florence, something you’d love a conversation to do on a first date? It can mean a number of things, but for the purposes of this blog post it describes an activity we take part in.

Posted on Wednesday, 28th February 2018

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