Why I Love Being a Counsellor

Posted on Friday, 11th May 2018

Every job has its pros and cons and counselling is no exception. However, the things I love about my job far outweigh any of the difficulties. I decided to reflect and share the main reasons I love being a counsellor.

It's an honour

My clients often tell me things they haven’t told anyone. They allow me into their inner world, and let me explore it with them. It is never lost on me what a privilege that is.

Meaningful Connections

We want meaningful conversations. This is the reason so many people say they dislike small talk. We want to spend our time talking about things we care about and have the people we talk to tell us how they’re really feeling.

Being a counsellor means that I have real human meaningful connections every day. From when a client steps in the room, they are talking about the issues that are really important to them at that moment. I have no doubt that this helps keep me grounded and is a brilliant reminder of what’s important in life.

Helping People

It sounds very cliche but knowing I am spending my time doing something that helps others is a huge motivation for me.


I am always learning from my clients. Listening to people talk about their lives in every detail from relationships to work, from family to friends, from fears to achievements; is such an enriching experience. I learn something about people in every counselling session I provide. I am a better, more informed person thanks to my counselling clients.

People Are Good

Listening to people telling very honest and real accounts of their life makes me feel sure that most people are good and everyone is just doing their best. We see life through our lens, and this can make ten different people interpret the same event in ten very different ways. There is often no right or wrong, just perspective. And the best thing we can do is take the time to understand each others’ perspective. Being reminded of this regularly makes me a happier person.

If you would like to learn more about having counselling, have a look round my website and get in touch.

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