Book Review: Jog On, by Bella Mackie

Posted on Sunday, 9th June 2019

This book is the author’s journey through anxiety. She is not a mental health expert. But she is the expert on her own experience.

Mackie has discovered that for her, running has been a brilliant way for her to cope with and treat her anxiety. She writes in a very down to earth and honest way, explaining that her first runs never lasted more than a few minutes and they took place in an alley where she could be sure no one would see her. She doesn’t buy in to fancy overpriced sportswear and says she doesn’t think she’ll ever run a marathon. This attitude makes the book very readable, as it doesn’t alienate those who would never think of themselves as ‘sporty’ or ‘fitness fanatics’.

While Mackie doesn’t claim to be a mental health expert, the book cites many studies and research, presented in an accessible way, letting you absorb the facts and form your own opinions.

I did notice that the book could seem a little repetitive and cyclical at times, but this serves well to represent the feeling of anxiety sometimes.

Overall it’s a very relatable read and may at the least provide comfort to those suffering from anxiety and may even encourage you to go for that morning run!

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