Stress Awareness Month

Posted on Tuesday, 16th April 2019

Are you feeling stressed? Whether it’s work, relationships, health worries, money issues or something else, chances are you have felt stressed by something recently. Each issue deserves further exploration of its own, but the aim of this post is to remind you of general tips that can help when your stress levels feel unmanageable.

Take small breaks

This is more specific to work stress, but I think we have all fallen in this trap- of being so busy we couldn’t possibly take a break, the more and quicker we work, the better we’ll get through our lengthy to do list. But if you don’t take any breaks, productivity and happiness suffers.

Mindful/meditation apps

For a more long term solution, try using a meditation app. Making it a daily practice can give you the tools to react calmly in the moment during future times of stress.

Get away..

If you’re too stressed to go on holiday, chances are you need one more than ever! Getting away from your current situation can often really help put things into perspective. Thinking about the stress while you’re not in the middle of it can sometimes either help you find the solution, or maybe even make you realise its not as bad as you thought.

..But don’t run away

Sometimes it can be tempting to put off and avoid whatever is stressing us out. This can cause it to build up in our heads and become more unmanageable. If we face the issue head on and methodically, it can sometimes prove itself to be less formidable than we thought.


‘A problem shared is a problem halved’. Talking through your stress with a trusted friend or a professional can really help. Sometimes just sharing your worries can be enough to alleviate some of the pressure you’re feeling. Furthermore, other people may be able to offer practical help. If you think you would benefit from talking to a professional about your stress, why not get in touch.

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