Tips For Making Mornings Better

Posted on Thursday, 7th June 2018

Mornings. Some people love them while others hate them. I wouldn’t really call myself a ‘morning person’ but I do think there are certain things we can do to make our mornings and consequently the rest of our day better.

Moment to yourself

First thing in the morning, take a moment to yourself. We are all so busy nowadays, give yourself this time just for you. Ground yourself. Have a drink, maybe read a chapter of your book. If you have an outside space, step outside. Notice how you’re feeling at the beginning of each day. It is so easy to go on autopilot and start rushing about the moment you get up. But allowing yourself to be quiet for a moment and notice what is going on for you, can really help set the tone of the day and keep you calm going forward.


I think breakfast is quite a personal thing. Some people swear by it as the ‘most important meal of the day’, some people can only stomach a quick coffee. I am not a nutritionist and am not here to give advice about what to eat. All I will say is it can be nice to look forward to something when you get up. Whether that is your virtuous overnight oats, or a new herbal tea you’ve bought for yourself. A simple pleasure like looking forward to eating or drinking something can make a difference to your morning and is a nice way to treat yourself.


In my easy guide to practicing gratitude I suggest thinking of three things you are grateful for before going to bed. This could also be done in the morning. Whether in the shower, over your coffee or while getting dressed- think of three things you are grateful for that morning. It starts your day with a positive outlook.


This is another personal thing. But love it or hate it, getting the blood pumping does release those endorphins. If you can’t face an intense gym class first thing, what about 20 minutes of gentle yoga? Or even 10 star jumps in your bedroom? Just something to get you going.


Having said that, sometimes sleep is more important than getting up early to exercise. If you’ve had a good night’s sleep you are much better equipped to face whatever the day brings. Sometimes a good night’s sleep can be more valuable than a very early morning for a gym session. Listen to your body.

Your commute

If you start your day by rushing and being squashed by crowds, this can put you in a negative mindset right from the beginning. Is there a way to avoid rush hour traffic/packed tubes, either by leaving earlier or later than usual? Could you walk some of your route? Anything that makes the journey a little more peaceful. In addition to this, is there anything else which could make your commute more enjoyable? Like listening to a great podcast, a new album, or researching your next holiday!

What are your morning tips?

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