How Do You Feel About Spring?

Posted on Tuesday, 26th February 2019

As I’m writing this it is 18 degrees celsius, in February. Wherever I look and whomever I speak to, everyone seems to be celebrating the fact it feels like Spring/Summer is here. At my local park, children and dogs are running round without a care in the world.

However, Spring is not a cause for celebration for everyone. For some, the arrival of warm weather can bring with it just as many anxieties and worries that winter does for many.

Those who are not very confident in their body may welcome the colder months. A great excuse to wear darker colours and cover up in big jumpers and coats. The warm weather invariably means more exposing and often more colourful clothes. For some people this is really difficult. There may be parts of their body that they feel less comfortable showing off for all kinds of reasons.

The warm weather can also mean more pressure to get out of the house. The cold winter months often make people want to stay indoors, and sometimes be a little less sociable. When the sun comes out, someone who may be wanting to stay indoors for other reasons, may find it harder to come up with an excuse. It may be easier to say, ‘Oh no I can’t face going out when it’s this cold’ rather than, ‘I’m feeling really low and can’t face being around people at the moment’.

Sometimes when we are feeling differently to how it appears everyone is, it can be incredibly hard to speak out, whether it’s about the change in season or something else. If you think you would benefit from speaking to a counsellor about how you’re feeling, please do get in touch.

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