A Quick Lesson to Take From Fireworks

Posted on Wednesday, 7th November 2018

It was recently fireworks/bonfire/guy fawkes night (whatever you choose to call it). Fireworks were a nightly occurrence in London on the weekend leading up to to the night itself. I went to a display over the weekend and joined in with everyone else gazing up at the sky with awe and delight.

Looking at bright, glittering, colourful lights in the sky seemed to make everyone so happy. It struck me how simple this joy and pleasure was. Standing outside, looking up to the sky and delighting in the bright display above.

If we saw fireworks everyday would we still have this reaction? Probably not. After a while we would become unphased by them and not pay them much attention. It made me wonder whether this could be a lesson to be applied more in everyday life. Delight in the simple things. Look in awe at nature. Take in the views on your commute. Be amazed by the people who have been in your life for years. Savour your cup of tea.

Doing these rather mindful exercises every day can make a difference to our wellbeing.

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