Is Your Commute Making You Unhappy?

Posted on Wednesday, 31st October 2018

Researchers from the University of West England found that an extra 20 minutes of commuting a day has the same negative effect on job satisfaction as a pay cut of 19%. However, there are things we can do to make our commutes more bearable, even enjoyable.

Put Your Work Away

It may be tempting to make the most of your commute by getting ahead with emails or other bits of work. But if commutes are reducing our job satisfaction, then being drawn in to extra work outside of being in the office may add to this. Reclaiming your commute as time for you may help to make it more enjoyable and reduce your stress.

Use Your Journey Wisely

So if you’re not doing work, what could you be doing? Listening to music or podcasts, watching a show or a TEDtalk, reading a book, meditating or catching up with a friend are all great ways to fill the time with something enjoyable for you.

Get a Commute Buddy

Do you live near someone from your work? Or does one of your friends have a similar commute to you? Whether its co-ordinating to catch the same train, or sharing lifts in a car, having company can be great at combating loneliness and/or cutting the cost of a commute. Liftshare, faxi and waze are all apps designed to help people find fellow commuters to share lifts with.

Walk or Cycle

The University of West England found that people travelling to work on bike or foot felt happier than those travelling to work by bus or train. If it if not possible to travel the whole of your commute this way, just getting off a stop or two early and incorporating some walking in your commute may make a difference to how you’re feeling.

Work From Home

If working from home is an option for you this is a good way to avoid the dreaded commute at least one day a week. Even if it hasn’t been implemented at your work before, sometimes it is worth having a discussion to see if it is a possibility.

Time to Talk?

If your work stress is more much more than your commute and you’re finding it’s making you unhappy, it may help to talk to someone.

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