Is Hybrid Working Affecting Your Mental Health?

Posted on Tuesday, 4th October 2022

Since the pandemic many companies have implemented ‘hybrid working’; splitting your work time between in the office and at home/somewhere else.
While initially this came as quite a welcome change to the now quite old fashioned presenteeism, ‘bums on seats’ approach, it is now being shown that hybrid working is proving to be a challenge for many individuals.
I have linked some articles below which discuss this in some detail.

This BBC article sites the individual’s control over their working week as one of the most important factors in making hybrid working work for staff.

This interview from BPS highlights the need for companies to recognise the new complexities that come with hybrid working, and to provide the right support.

If you are struggling with your work environment at the moment, there are things that can be done. Sometimes it can be helpful to work through what’s going on for you with a counsellor, to understand exactly what you need. If this would be useful to you, do get in touch

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